Chung Mi Rae

When you’re craving for Korean food and you’re around the busy streets of Quezon City, there’s already a handful of restaurants offering you delicacies of such. But only a few would know that just along Scout Tuason corner Timog Avenue stands Chung Mi Rae.


We don’t know really know the history of this place but we’ve been passing by it for quite a while now and didn’t even know that this is an authentic Korean establishment until we’ve read it in 2015 Eat Out Now book.

Anyway, one night just after hiiting (yes, spelled with a double “i” just because we do HIIT!) we’ve finally decided to dine out in that small place – minimalist with just enough tables to fill the space and just enough staff to serve you (who disappears most often than not in their secret hideaway..haha kidding!). To satisfy our empty tummies with just the right amount of food, we ordered Doengjang Chige and Samgyupsal.

Doengjang Chige is a good choice if you’re a sucker for spicy soup dishes. It is a fermented bean soup topped with cucumber, tofu, onion leeks, onions and vegetables served with steamed rice. Serving is just enough for two and enough to warm up our tummies for a bigger dish. What’s good about it is you could inform the waiter to have the spiciness mellowed down to the level you want. A definite must try when dining in.


Banchans (side dish) serving in this restaurant is bigger compared to other Korean restaurants we’ve been to. 8 banchans, to be exact, was served on our table to kick off these grilled thin strips of bacon; of which included: Jelly with soy chili and sesame, spicy potatoes, seaweeds, kimchi, anchovies, fish cake, squid, and radish – all having this hint of spiciness in them. Aside from having to munch on these while waiting for your order, you can also use it to add flavor to your Samgyupsal. Not enough? You can actually ask for a refill — for free. Something that we love about these Korean restaurants. 😀


As for our main dish, we ordered Samgyupsal. With a big bowl of fresh lettuce on the side, you can have the meat and the banchans wrapped with it dipped in sesame oil with salt and pepper or the Ssamjang sauce to taste.

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What’s nice about these Korean restaurants is that you get to enjoy their food no matter how simple it may be. A spoonful of rice, a piece of meat, garlic and kimchi, wrapped in romaine lettuce can definitely tickle your taste buds. Plus you get to enjoy the whole wrapping thing.

All in all Chung Mi Rae was able to satisfy our craving, but it may not be one of our first go to place when we would want to have another Korean fix. Not because food wasn’t good, but maybe we were expecting something else. Something different maybe.

Chung Mi Rae is open until 10 pm and is located at Unit 6, 24k Mansion, Timog Sacred Heart, Quezon City
372 7200