The anatomy of eating Korean bbq wrap is so simple. Greens (lettuce or whatever leafy vegetable that you want), rice, beef or pork, kimchi, and garlic. But for some reason no matter how simple it may be, we, Filipinos (particularly us) would always come back for more.

Korean cuisine has always been our go-to meal whenever we are tired or if we cannot fully decide on where to eat. And just recently, we tried, yet again, another restaurant. Seoul Train: Korean Bbq. Located along Sgt. Esguerra (note: keep your eyes wide open since it’s just a small place and it cannot be recognized easily), this mere restaurant which will turn a year old this June, is a place you should visit if you love and enjoy Korean food.

BMJ54332 copy.jpg
Seoul Train: Korean Bbq

Just like any other Korean restaurants, they serve the usual, Samgyeopsal, Woo Samgyeop, and other seasoned beef and pork. Their menu also includes high-grade Wagyu beef. Note that their beef comes from Japan and US. Which explains why it tasted better.

Kagoshima Rib Eye at Php 3,300 per 220g
Saga Striploin at Php 3,600 per 220g
OMI Chateaubrland (Tenderloin) at Php 6,280 per 220g


But let also not forget their noodles and other types of food as well.

Noodles and rice choices

See, it’s all the same. But the experience is different. (Note that if you plan to bring your child with you, please have them cook your beef for safety precautions) The place itself is small. With around 6 to 7 tables, that can sit around 5 to 6, the place fills up pretty fast. But if you do end up waiting for a couple of minutes, their waiting area will probably keep you busy/entertained. πŸ˜‰

BMJ54320 copy.jpg
Waiting area
BMJ54319 copy.jpg
Grab a toy section
Insert a coin and get an egg with a toy/keychain in it
Insert a coin and get an egg with a toy/keychain in it

Going back, we ended up ordering the usual, Samgyeopsal and Woo Samgyeop. We also decided to try their Spicy Cold Noodles.

For two
Samgyeopsal and Woo Samgyeop
Spicy Cold Noodles (cold soup not included in the photo)


Everything was good! Their pork and beef were tender. Side dishes were minimal but we kind of understand why. Because not everybody will dwell on eating it. Β And lastly their spicy cold noodles. It was our first time to try it, and it was really spicy! We actually had to ask how it’s supposed to be eaten, and basically, you just eat the noodles and have a spoon or 2 of the cold soup. Β The saltiness of the soup compliment well with the sweetness of the noodles. πŸ™‚

So if you have time this week or maybe next, we highly suggest that you visit Seoul Train Korean BBQ.


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28 Sgt. Esguerra Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
0917 772 2203