All About Desserts

We rarely have desserts after eating just because we barely have any space in our tummies left after a good meal. But not this weekend.

From where we come from, it is basically a long weekend. Meaning, 3 days of binge eating of some sort and resting the whole day after. So last Friday, after eating at Ginza Bairin, we finally decided to try the very infamous CREPE CAKE from Paper Moon Cafe. Luckily, they opened a stall in TriNoma, same level as the cinemas. So how was it? For Php 225 per slice, it was a bit pricey. But upon taking our first bite, we, well I kind of figured out why.

Original Mille Crepe

Looks plain. Yes! By the way, we got the original flavor, since it is their best seller. Other available flavors are Mango, Strawberry and Chocolate Mille Crepe. Moving on, the cake looks boring. Nothing special. But that first bite proved us wrong. Our eyes went big. It was soft, something that we didn’t expect especially that this is made of 20 layers of paper thin handmade crepes with a light pastry creme in between each layer.

Original Mille Crepe

One slice is actually good for two if it’s okay for you to share this beautiful piece of cake. One more thing that we liked about it was, it wasn’t that sweet!

Original Mille Crepe

Then came last Saturday. After a healthy lunch at Shabu-Shabu in BGC, we went to this Korean cafe, Cafe Seol Hwa. Known for their Korean shaved ice desserts, we then gave it a try. We wanted something “healthy” to compensate with what we had for lunch, meaning something topped with fruits, but one of them stood out and just made us give in to that temptation of getting something chocolatey filled.

Cafe Seol Hwa
Choco Brownie Bing Su

Lo and behold! An order of a large bowl can probably feed up to 4 or maybe 5 people. At first we were scared that this huge bowl is filled with pure sweetness, but we were wrong. Again, it wasn’t that sweet at all! Which we loved! We also loved how it didn’t melt easily!

Finely shaved chocolate ice

Look how nice their shaved ice dessert is. No wonder we had to wait roughly 15 minutes for this. Choco Brownie Bing Su by the way, has chocolate shaved ice, brownie slices, coco crunch, sliced almonds and is topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

We’re starting to love the fact that a lot of desserts are becoming available. That we are not just stuck with the usual choices. Though maybe some are a bit too costly, just like these two, but we would like to believe that it is so because these are made intricately and good ingredients are used for these.

To those who are not much into desserts, we highly suggest that you try Paper Moon Cafe’s Crepe Cakes and Cafe Seol Hwa’s shaved ice. Then maybe you might start to fall in love with desserts just like how these two cafes captured our taste buds!

Paper Moon Cafe
4th Level, TriNoma Mall

Cafe Seol Hwa
2/F Forum BGC South Global
7th Ave. cor. Federacion Drive
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines